2019 Apra Indiana Skills Workshop Session Descriptions

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Advanced Track Sessions

Basic Sessions

Combined Session

Advanced Track Session #1: Prospect Management Meetings - From Tedious to Tremendous
Christina Pulawski, Christina Pulawski Consulting

Description: With the best intentions, unplanned and ill-conceived meetings are one of the top reasons a prospect management approach or scheme wilts and fails. We’ll review the fundamental elements of any prospect management scheme, walk through evaluating where and how meetings should fit in, and how to design them so they help, rather than hinder the process.

Advanced Track Session #2: Is your team working at "The Speed of Trust?"
Jonathan Purvis, Vice President University Advancement, Butler University

Description: Famed leadership guru Stephen M. R. Covey asserts that “Trust impacts us 24/7, 365 days a year. It undergirds and affects the quality of every relationship, every communication, every work project, every business venture, every effort in which we are engaged. It changes the quality of every present moment and alters the trajectory and outcome of every future moment of our lives – both personally and professionally…it is the key leadership competency of the new global economy.” Join Butler University’s Vice President for University Advancement Jonathan Purvis in an interactive conversation exploring how trust must serve as the foundation of every effective Advancement team. This session will explore the characteristics and impact of high trust and low trust teams, what high/low trust can look like in the Advancement profession, and how to increase your team’s “Trust Quotient” in support of creating a high performing Advancement operation.

Advanced Track Session #3: Prospect Research and Analytics in Foundation and Corporate Relations
Jillian Schuessler, Associate Director, Data Integrity & Analytics, The University of Chicago

Description: Over the last few years, data-driven approaches have become the norm in the prospect development world. However, advancement offices have struggled to apply some of these techniques to their foundation and corporate prospects, such as capacity rating, predictive modeling and proactive prospect research. In this presentation I will share some of the methods I have implemented working in a reporting and analytics role on a Foundation and Corporate Relations team. We will discuss what data projects have been useful and what might have been a waste of time. I will also share some of the reports and dashboards our team uses to identify new prospects or where we should cultivate current donors. I’ll leave time for discussion at the end, mostly to answer questions on how one could apply this type of reporting in their office to help their fundraisers more easily disqualify and prioritize foundation and corporate prospects.

Advanced Track Session #4: Searching Court Records: An Overview of Indiana's MyCase & Odyssey Databases
Mary DePrez, Director & Council for Trial Court Tech., Indiana Supreme Court

Description: This session will include an interactive demonstration of using Indiana's MyCase database and others to search for public court records. 

An Advanced Track Session #5: The Art of the Possible: Planned Giving Basics & Beyond
Matthew Treadwell, Gift Planning Attorney, Indiana University Foundation

Description: This session will provide a high level review of all things planned giving with a focus on individual gift vehicles that provide win-win opportunities for donors and charities.

Basic Sessions

  Basic Track Session #1: Prospect Research Overview & Networking
Kent Shoults, Research Analyst, Purdue Research Foundation

Description: This session will allow attendees to learn about each other and establish their learning goals for the Skills Workshop. Additionally, there will be an overview provided about the prospect research basics, including the four domains from the Apra Body of Knowledge. Bring all your prospect research questions and your business cards! 

Basic Track Session #2: Advanced Google Search Techniques for Finding People and Emails
Rob Rexing, Prospect Research Analyst, Community Health Network Foundation

Basic Track Session #3: Best Practices for Managing Research Requests
Emily Ulrich, Research Analyst, Purdue Research Foundation

Description: What do you do when a fundraiser requests a deep dive on someone who has never been visited? This interactive session will give you the tools you need to handle scenarios like this one. You'll learn what questions you should ask to determine what a fundraiser truly needs, and you'll leave with a better understanding of how to manage the requests you receive to ensure that you're doing the appropriate amount of research. 

Basic Track Session #4: Help! I have No Budget: Free Resources
Libby Feil, Prospect Researcher, Franciscan Health Foundation

Description: If your organization can’t afford to subscribe to the big donor intelligence databases, all is not lost. We’ll discuss the no-cost resources that are available out there from libraries, the government, nonprofits, and businesses. You’ll learn about free sources for information on prospects’ work (including salaries), stock holdings, charitable giving and foundations, property, political giving, hobbies and interests, and contact information. You’ll see how to find indicators of wealth, negative information, and news – at no cost to you. No budget for database subscriptions? No problem!

Basic Track Session #5: Five Things You Can Do To Advance Your Career
Stephanie Brouwer, Manager of Data & Research, Marian University

Description: To advance your career you must have a plan. This session will go over five tips to help show how to grow as a professional and establish a network of resources to help you along the way. No matter what career advancement looks like to you, this session will equip you with tools you need to achieve success. 

Combined Session

Tuesday, June 4, 4:30pm - 5:15pm: Excel: Fantastic Functions and Where to Find Them
Tanya Ford, Director of Prospect Research, Taylor University

Description: Excel is a robust tool that can be used to manage, format, and analyze data and then showcase your information.  Excel has many tools to make your job easier. Today’s features will be vlookup, conditional formatting, pivot tables and descriptive statistics.

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